2016 EKC Milan

On July 2nd and 3rd 2016 the 4th edition of the EKC (European Koryū-bujutsu Convention) was held in Italy for the first time.


The EKC (European Koryū-bujutsu Convention) is a platform for koryū bujutsuka training in Europe in official and authorized lines. Koryū bujutsu is the practise of classical Japanese warrior fighting systems/school that predate the modern (Meiji 1868) era.

The aim of this initiative is twofold:

  • to encourage the academic study of koryū bujutsu and the exchange of ideas among practitioners of kobujutsu ryūha in Europe.
  • to offer the interested public a serious and accessible platform to learn more about authorized kobujutsu and get in touch with the respective study groups in Europe.

It will be the first time the EKC will be held outside The Netherlands and everyone is looking forward to it very much.


The following schools were represented in the embu (demonstration)

  • Asayama Ichiden ryū 浅山一伝流
  • Fuden ryū 風伝流
  • Hōki ryū Nakazono-ha 伯耆流
  • Hokushin Ittō ryū hyōhō 北辰一刀流兵法
  • Hontai Yoshin ryū 本體楊心流
  • Hōzōin ryū Takada-ha 宝蔵院流高田派
  • Hyōhō Niten Ichi ryū 兵法二天一流
  • Katayama ryū 片山流
  • Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō ryū 天真正伝香取神道流

2nd of July: for those that will require it, a Dojo will be available in the afternoon for rehearsal. Visits to the City’s museums will be available too. 3rd of July: 10,30 a conference in the Stibbert museums, still to define. Afterwards, a guided visit to the museum (in two groups , so as to have the possibility to well inspect the pieces on show) from 14 on enbu of the various organizations

Anyone wanting to be part of this event, should write to Claudio Regoli detailing name of the style, address of the main organization in Europe, name of participants.For the long weapons, we suggest you to ship these in advance, an address could be provided in Florence to receive them The floor is slabs of ceramic, as we know jujutsuka are brave. However we will try to provide a tatami. We are at your complete disposition for anything that could help. You can write me at the address provided or on this site.