2019 EKC Palazzo Rizzini

2019 will be a very special edition of the EKC.

This year the EKC and Kōryūkai which are both very respectable events on their own will join forces in a unique way.

On September 7th 2019 the EKC will be held in congruence with the Kōryūkai in Palazzo Rizzini hosted by Kōryūkai’s director Lorenzo Quaresmini.

Kōryūkai is a biennial event (meaning it’s held every two years). From 2020 the EKC will also start operating as an biennial event, making it possible to have more attention to its organisation allowing the EKC to grow even bigger in years to come.

  • 2019 EKC and Kōryūkai held together
  • 2020 EKC
  • 2021 Kōryūkai
  • 2022 EKC
  • 2023 Kōryūkai
  • etc. etc.