2018 EKC Haarlem (greater Amsterdam area)

On Sunday November 11th 2018 the 6th edition of the EKC (European Koryū-bujutsu Convention) will be held in Haarlem at the “Kochōkai budōkan”. This years edition will be focused inwardly to the community of koryū practitioners.


The EKC (European Koryū-bujutsu Convention) is a platform for koryū bujutsuka training in Europe in official and authorized lines. Koryū bujutsu is the practise of classical Japanese warrior fighting systems/school that predate the modern (Meiji 1868) era.

The aim of this initiative is twofold:

  • to encourage the academic study of koryū bujutsu and the exchange of ideas among practitioners of kobujutsu ryūha in Europe.
  • to offer the interested public a serious and accessible platform to learn more about authorized kobujutsu and get in touch with the respective study groups in Europe.

The 2016 edition was one of the largest events of Koryū bujutsu ever held in Europe with over 20 schools being demonstrated by groups from several different European countries. The 2017 edition featured an inter-ryūha embu and discussion for the first time, which was very well received by everynoe.

As said the 2018 edition will focus mostly on practitioners. This will mean this year:

  • features an open discussion led by EKC director (and this years host) Arjan F. Tervoort, instead of a designated speaker.
  • retains the public embu, but seating for the public will be less then 50 people.
  • features an inter-ryūha embu and discussion.


The following ryūha will be demonstrating on Sunday:

  • Asayama Ichiden ryū 浅山一伝流
  • Hokushin Ittō ryū Hyōhō 北辰一刀流兵法
  • Hontai Yoshin ryū 本體楊心流
  • Hōzōin ryū Takada-ha 宝蔵院流高田派
  • Hyōhō Niten Ichi ryū 兵法二天一流
  • Katayama ryū 片山流
  • Mugai ryū 無外流
  • Ono-ha Ittō ryū 小野派一刀流
  • Shintō Musō ryū 神道夢想流
  • Sōsuishi ryū 双水執流
  • Suiō ryū 水鷗流
  • Tenshin Myōshin ryū 天神明進流 (unconfirmed for the moment)
  • Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō ryū 天真正伝香取神道流

For those ryūha not yet on the list above, but willing to participate
or attend. I welcome them to contact me coming week.

Date and time:
Saturday November 10th 2018
Optional free training and inter-ryūha embu and discussion

Sunday November 11th 2018
10:00 – 12:00 – Lecture (on invitation only)
12:00 – 13:00 – Lunch
13:00 – 13:30 – Opening public embu
13:30 – 17:30 – Public embu
17:30 – 18:00 – Group photo’s
18:00 – … – Dinner and long budo talks

The EKC will be held in Kochōkai budōkan in Haarlem.
Jephtastraat 1
2026 WB Haarlem
The Netherlands

Information for the spectators
Viewing public can walk in and out of the embu and needn’t stay the entire length.

It’s allowed to take pictures, but we ask all viewing public to retain the footage for personal use only.

Information regarding the picture policy
It’s allowed to take pictures, but we ask all viewing public to retain the footage for personal use only.

It is strictly forbidden to sell pictures of the embu or to upload pictures to a site were they can be bought.

If you like us to put your pictures online with a credit mention to you as photographer, please contact the organisation.

Information for the lecture
The lecture will be from 10:00 to 12:00, we ask all participants to be present at Kochōkai budōkan at 09:30. Participants can also register for a Dutch sandwich lunch for €10,- and great Indonesian food for €10,-.

Information for the embu participants
We ask all participants to be present at Kochōkai budōkan at 12:00 and be present at the opening of the embu for presentation of all schools to the public.