About EKC

The EKC (European Koryū-bujutsu Convention) is a platform for koryū bujutsuka training in Europe in official and authorized lines. The aim of this initiative is twofold:

  • to encourage the academic study of koryū bujutsu and the exchange of ideas among practitioners of kobujutsu ryūha in Europe.
  • to offer the interested public a serious and accessible platform to learn more about authorized kobujutsu and get in touch with the respective study groups in Europe.

Apart from a growing network, this takes the form of en event takes place yearly and consists of 2 parts:

  • academic lecture on koryū-bujutsu
  • public embu of all the participating schools

The convention was first held in 2012, had a lecture by Chip Armstrong and saw 5 koryū participate in the embu.

The second convention was held in 2014, had a lecture by Serge Mol and saw 10 koryū participate in the embu.

Both events were hosted by Joris van Nispen, director of the Shofukan in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

In 2014, as the founder of the EKC events, Joris van Nispen passed organisation of future events over to Arjan F. Tervoort.

On August 30th 2015 the 3rd edition will be held in Amsterdam at the “Sporthallen Zuid”. Both the speaker and the lineup have yet to be established. The event will be hosted by Arjan F. Tervoort of Kochokai – Budokan in Haarlem.

The EKC for 2016 will be held hosted by Claudio Regoli in Milan and 2017 by
Jürgen Seebeck in Hamburg.

If you like to attend the embu please check back with us on this page for more details to come.

If you like to volunteer to help with organising the embu in 2015, please contact Arjan.

In principle, only European koryu budoka training in Japan directly under supervision of the highest representative of the ryuha (soke or shihan), mentioned in this map are invited to participate.

If you like to particiate in the EKC, please read this page and contact Arjan.

If you like to host the EKC in 2018, please read this page and contact Arjan.