1. Organisational roles

In order to organize separate events and ensure a continuation of the event for coming years, the EKC has established several roles which will be discussed here:

1.1 Director
The director is the spokesperson for the organisation, the first line of contact for information and ensures the regulations of the of the EKC are followed. The director can also help the event-hosts in matters of organizing or establishing contacts. The director can advice the the host on decisions and when needed the director has a veto on decisions on the events.

The current director chooses his replacement when he decided to retire fron his role at the EKC.

1.2 Board of advisors
To help the director (and when needed the hosts) in deciding on difficult issues, the director selects a few individuals to advise. These individuals make up the board of advisors. The board has no responsibility over the decisions made by the director or host, nor do they share all opinions the director or host entertain. The board can only advise and doesn’t have voting power.

1.3 Event-host
Every year one person is responsible for hosting the EKC. It’s possible this is the director, but it can also be some other person in the koryu community. Every senior practitioner of a legitimate koryu in Europe can offer the director of the EKC to host an event.

1.4 Lecturer
The lecture should be held by a researcher or expert in the field of Japanese warrior culture or history, classical fighting traditions of Japan or Japanese classical weapons. A researcher or expert can offer to give a lecture to the host or the host can actively search a lecturer to invite.

1.5 EKC-member
All practitioners of koryu in Europe allowed to represent their school can become a member of the EKC. There is no fee to be payed for membership. All members will be registered on a list shared between the director, the board and the hosts.

1.6 Embu participants
EKC-members that have been allowed by their resepctive ryuha to represent them ryuha on embu outside of Japan for a period of more then 3 years, are allowed to participate on the embu.

1.7 Lecture attendance
All EKC-members are allowed to attend the lecture. If the lecture-hall is large enough other koryu-practitioners may also be invited to the lecture by the host or ask the host for attendance.

1.8 Embu attendance
The embu is open to the public and as such can be viewed by everyone, unless there is a specific reason to bar certain individuals. Since the embu is open to public (sometimes larger crowds) the host can only ask the attendants not to film or photograph the event, or ask the the attendants to keep all film and photograph material for private use only, but the host can not be held responsible for any posting of film or photographs online. Embu participants need to take this in account when signing up for the embu.