The EKC (European Koryū-bujutsu Convention) is a platform for koryū bujutsuka training in Europe in official and authorized lines. Koryū bujutsu is the practise of classical Japanese warrior fighting systems/school that predate the modern (Meiji 1868) era.


The aim of this initiative is twofold:

  • to encourage the academic study of koryū bujutsu and the exchange of ideas among practitioners of kobujutsu ryūha in Europe.
  • to offer the interested public a serious and accessible platform to learn more about authorized kobujutsu and get in touch with the respective study groups in Europe.

There have been six European Koryū-bujutsu Convention in the past:
2012: The very first EKC by the founder of the event: Joris van Nispen of Shofukan Rotterdam. Lecture was held by Mr. Hunter B. Armstrong
2014: The second EKC by Joris van Nispen of Shofukan Rotterdam. Lecture was held by Mr. Serge Mol
2015: The largest koryu embu in Europe was held at the EKC by new director of EKC: Arjan F. Tervoort of Kochokai Budokan. Lecture was held by Mr. Willem de Lange
2016: The first EKC outside The Netherlands hosted by Claudio Regoli.
2017: Addition of a inter-ryuha embu-discussion at EKC hosted by Jürgen Seebeck.
2018: EKC focused inwardly to it’s participants with even more exchange of ideas, Hosted by EKC director: Arjan F. Tervoort

The next two EKC are already planned and have their own special features:
2019: EKC collaboration with Kōryūkai in Palazzo Rizzini, Hosted by Kōryūkai director: Lorenzo Quaresmini on September 7th and 8th.
2020: The largest EKC and thereby the largest Koryu embu in Europe up to this date!, Hosted by EKC director: Arjan F. Tervoort in Amsterdam at March 14th and 15th.